The First Initiative – FAQ


1.  Q: Can I submit more than 1 essay?

     A: Yes, you can.


2. Q: Is there a format to which I must comply before submission?

     A: Yes. All essays in the form of Word Document must carry its subject, essay title and   grades.


3. Q: Can I submit an essay without a grade?

     A: Unfortunately, you can’t. All essays must be graded by lecturers or tutors in your respective institutions.


4. Q: What is the due date for submission?

    A: The due date for submission is on the 24th of March 2019 UK Time 23.59 p.m. (UTC +0.00) / MY Time 06.59 p.m. (UTC +8.00).


5. Q: Must I include any bank details during submission of the essay?

     A: Participants are advised not to submit their bank details until notice is given.


6.Q: What happens if I forget to submit my bank details?

A: Participants who have their essays selected to be published must submit their bank account details within 3 days of notice to secure the publishing of their essays. Any late responses will not be entertained.


7. Q: How much will I be reimbursed?

    A: First class essays that are chosen to be published will be reimbursed £3 as their publication reward whereas Second-Upper class essays will be entitled to £2 reimbursement.


8. Q: Where do I submit my essays?

     A: You will need to email your essay to choosheaukee.kpum@gmail.com 


9. Q: Will I be notified regarding the status of my essay?

     A: Once vetting is done, all participants will be notified via email in regards to the status of their individual essays.


10. Q: Who will be doing the vetting?

       A: Vetting will be done by the project committee to ensure dissimilar content.


11. Q: Can I make multiple submissions (e.g. at different months)?

      A: Yes, you are allowed to as long as the essays submitted are different and before 24th of March 2019.


12. Q: How would I know if my essays are first or second-upper class essays?

      A: First class essays are graded 70% and above whereas second-upper class essays hold a grade between 60%-69%. The following formula can be used to help calculate your percentage: marks obtained/total marks of the question x 100%


13. Q: Where can I view published essay(s)?

      A: All law students can request for access to the essay bank starting from the 1st of April 2019. The link to the essay bank will be shared on KPUM’s website and social media on the 1st of April 2019. Those who have submitted essays will also be notified of the launch of the essay bank and its link via email.  

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