KPUM Executives (UK) Induction 2018

Held over the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2018, the newly elected executives and university representatives came together in London to get to know the organisation they will be serving in the upcoming term.

The executives and representatives were introduced to members in their team, as well as the members of other teams, to get a more holistic picture of how each team functions within the union. Team building games were played, with the takeaway message that as different as each team’s functions may be, ultimately they all compliment each other, which is crucial for the success of the union.

Previous executives had also made an appearance at the event as well, where they shared their past experiences of serving the union and the valuable lessons that came from it. This provided the new executives a rough guide of what to expect, and it also psyched them up for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Ultimately, the underlying message behind every segment during the induction is that the new executives and representatives’ utmost goal should be in line with KPUM’s purpose of supporting law students, and contribute to KPUM’s proud tradition as the voice of law students since 1979. With this in mind, KPUM’s executive team of 2018/2019 are ready to serve.

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