KPUM Student Representatives Induction 2018

The KPUM Student Representative (SR) Induction 2018 at the University College of London, held on the 4th of November, was a time well spent. It was very exciting to meet and connect with the wider KPUM family! The day started with introductions both to the team and amongst other fellow Student Representatives.

The icebreaking sessions (One Truth and A Tale, Human Knot and Chinese Whispers) put all of us in our natural selves and removed any lingering hints of awkwardness. Every single activity had a lesson attached to it with regards to teamwork. I found this to be a very effective and interesting way to get the message across!

Post-lunch, we were introduced to our Project Department Heads and our assigned projects. This sharpened our focus on our broader purpose in joining KPUM. Besides, the ‘LepakSession’ brainstorming generated stimulating ideas. Many great ideas were thrown around the room, so please attend the ‘LepakSession’ in your respective unis!

Finally, through the House-Tree-Person Test, we got to delve into our subconscious to ascertain what kind of person we are, so we could reflect after.

Although I was initially hesitant to attend the induction, being in Northern Ireland, I was really glad I did because the opportunity to meet the people that I would probably be working very closely with throughout the year provided through the Induction, beats any virtual meet up. All in all, it was a fun-filled and highly interactive day, a portent of a great year ahead.

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