Beyond the Bar Internship Programme

Our Story 

This is a new KPUM initiative to provide a platform for law students who, with the versatility of a law degree, would like to explore possible career options other than private practice. The Union hence, seeks to provide our Members with a foretaste of what it is like to work outside of a law firm. This internship programme will allow participants to work in a variety of non-legal setting, be it in consulting or publication firms. We believe that in an increasingly competitive market, diversity is strength. 

Our Objectives

1. To expose current law undergraduates and postgraduates to different work environments, by providing participants with insights to the in working of non-legal firms so as to widen their career options.

2. To provide a platform for participants to brush up some soft skills – such as leadership qualities, presentation skills, ability to work in a group etc. – required in different work-fields through the series of side events organized.

3. To fill the gap in the market by providing such a platform for participants to achieve their career aspirations.

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Key Dates: 

Applications open: 7th January 2019
Applications close: 24th February 2019 (11.59 PM UKT)
Internship dates: July – September 2019

Contact Us:

For more information, you can contact us at 

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