Beyond the Bar Internship Programme



What is Beyond the Bar?

Beyond the Bar is a structured non-law internship programme specially designed for law students who – with the versatility of a law degree – would like to explore possible career options other than private practice. The internship programme will allow participants to work in a variety of non-legal setting, from consulting to aviation or even making policies. We believe that in an increasingly competitive market, diversity is strength.


Why Join Beyond the Bar?

Beyond the Bar (BtB) is the first structured non-law internship programme specially designed for law students. We believe that diversity is strength and that university is the best time to explore different career options to widen your exposure. Thus, BtB presents the best opportunity to participate in a series of exciting side events hosted by our prominent partners during the internship period. It also acts as a platform to apply your transferable skills and demonstrate the values of law students in various professions. You will be able to experience different corporate work culture, have a foretaste of what is it like working in a non-legal environment and be able to help to make an informed choice as to your potential career pathway and place of work.

In essence, BtB creates a space to form a support community, where interns share their experiences with each other for a diversified exposure. This programme is also your chance to secure a training contract as certain firms see BtB as the opportunity to train and identify students for future hiring!

Watch what our previous interns have to say about their experience with Beyond the Bar firms:


Programme Features

This internship programme  comprises of any 8 weeks of internship between early July 2018 until mid-September 2018 along with a series of side events throughout the internship period


Our Partners


  • Axiata
  • AirAsia
  • CanLaw
  • Digi-X
  • Nestle
  • PWC
  • Talentcorp
  • TFM
  • Unilever

Who Can Apply?

You must be a Malaysian law student:

(i) studying in the United Kingdom and Eire; or

(ii) studying in Malaysia under the UK Transfer Degree Programme (UKT); or

(iii) studying in Malaysia under the University of London International Programme (UOL).

*Students who are in their penultimate or final years are highly encouraged to submit while first year students are also welcomed.


Application Procedures

  1. Fill in the application form below.
  2. Rank the firms that you would like to intern with according to your preference.*
  3. Upload your CV.
  4. Be sure to check your email often as we will be contacting you for your interview appointment.
  5. Attend the interview (usually through video or voice chat).
  6. You will be informed regarding your application status.

*We endeavour to allocate you with your highest preference possible should you be shortlisted for the internship programme.

N.B Interviews will only be required upon our partner’s request only.


Application Form

Application closed.



11:59 p.m. (UTC +0:00), 2nd of March 2018.


For further inquiries, please contact Kimberly Ang at or drop us a message directly on our internship Facebook page.