President/Vice President (UK) Office

While each department is tasked with the responsibility of overlooking a particular portfolio, the President and Vice President (UK) will mainly focus on ensuring that the entire Union is constantly aligned to the vision and values of the Union – uniting law students, empowering future lawyers, upholding the rule of law. It is also the primary duty of the President and Vice President (UK) to foster the spirit of camaraderie amongst the working committee of the Union.


Malaysia Division

The Malaysian Division was first enacted in 2015 with the aim of expanding the Union’s outreach to law students studying in Malaysia that fall within the Union’s jurisdiction, ie. UOL or UKT programme. With the passing of the recent constitutional amendments, not only will it enlarge in terms of personnel but also in its autonomy to operate.

Following further devolution of the Malaysian Division, we aim to constantly provide a platform with different avenues for students to participate in our events. Some of the projects for this term include Strategic Litigation Camp, The First Initiative (TFI), LEXiCON, Firm Tour series, Lawatan Edisi Malaysia and other initiatives such as career-related talk session.


Performance Management & Delivery Unit

The Performance Management & Delivery Unit was created to provide support to the President on ensuring delivery. The Unit focuses on monitoring progress and enhancing the Union’s capacity to deliver on and implement its key objectives and priorities. The key priorities for 2016/17 are corporate relations, student relations, careers development, and Malaysian division. The Unit also ensures that all operators of the Union are performing adequately, by providing support in terms of training, streamlining work processes, performance management, and troubleshooting.


Secretariat Department

The Secretariat is tasked with ensuring that the documentation and archival of the Union’s on-goings are effectively maintained. Furthermore, the Secretariat also assists in the overall oversight of the Union’s administration.


 Finance Department

The Finance Department manages the income and expenditure of the Union with strategic planning focused on financial health of the Union, by obtaining sponsorships and monitoring the budget of the Union. The Finance Department is also committed to ensure that the processes for spending and reimbursement of claims are efficient, and that all financial reports are accurate and transparent.


Careers Development Department

The Careers Development Department is committed to providing law students with an avenue to further hone their employability rate by gaining necessary skill sets, exposures and network in order to succeed in their respective careers. This department covers a wide-ranging of KPUM flagship initiatives, from Law Careers Convention, Webinar Series, mooting to various structured internship programmes.


Corporate Relations Department

The Corporate Relations Department is the main contact point with everyone outside of KPUM. The team is responsible to ensure all relationships with our highly distinguished sponsors and partners are all times well-kept while maintaining our respected image amongst our sponsors and partners but also amongst the other student bodies in the UK. Apart from that, the department also monitors all of KPUM’s interactions with our sponsors and partners and thus, is the main reference point for any issues regarding sponsors and firms.


Skills Enhancement Department

The Skills Enhancement Department is the think factory of the Union. As KPUM’s research and knowledge arm, much like Mark Twain, we believe that one should not let one’s schooling interfere with one’s education. Therefore, we aim to add value to the typical law student by providing them with a different insight into the law.


Human Rights and Activism Department

The Human Rights & Activism Department plays an important role in fulfilling one of the Union’s core missions: upholding the rule of law. The department, which brands itself as ASASI (read: ‘hak asasi’ in Bahasa Malaysia), aims to empower and engage with law students with regards to human rights through its initiatives.

The main objectives of the Department are:

  1. To provide a safe platform for students to voice their opinions and champion causes.
  2. To promote the civic engagement, activism and discussion surrounding human rights.
  3. To bridge the gap between students and grassroots organisations.
  4. To direct the Union’s public statements.

This term, ASASI has its focus on issues such as police abuse of powers, freedom of speech, student activism, democracy and minority rights. In tackling those issues, we take a twofold approach: education and call to action. Besides informing students about the law and issue; the department also attempts to provide opportunities for students to take action themselves through online campaigns and petitions.

However, we believe that promoting human rights is not just limited to online campaigns but a continuous development of the human. Therefore, ASASI also runs a human rights and student activism blog called ASASIkini where students from all backgrounds could submit their writings or artwork related to human rights or other issues concerning our nation or region; and a summer internship programme called ASASI Internship Programme, which aims to expose law students to human rights advocacy work back home.


Media & Communications Department

The Media and Communications (M&C) team is the ‘unsung hero’ behind the success of every event. Tasked with an important mission to attract targeted audiences (i.e. our members), the department will be working on devising publicity strategies, creating publicity materials, handling the Union’s website and social media accounts – to lead and coordinate publicity for each department’s projects. Hence, the M&C department plays an important role in ensuring that people are aware of our events and projects via social media platforms.


Student Relations & Outreach Department

The Student Relations & Outreach Department is committed to create a stronger KPUM presence within the community, and thus enabling the union to serve its purpose of providing support to, and enriching the student experiences of its members. The main projects of the department include the KPUM Student Ambassador Programme, the KPUM Lawatan series, the KPUM Q&A series, the KPUM Pre- Departure Briefing, and the KPUM Law Students Survey.