KPUM Executive Programme (KEP) 2018/19

KPUM Executive Programme (KEP)

The KPUM Executive Programme (KEP) is a recruitment programme open to all Malaysian law students studying in the United Kingdom and Eire, including those enrolled into either the UK Transfer Degree Programme (UKT) or the University of London International Programme (UOL).
The Union’s culture is such that we encourage ownership of projects. Hence, as an executive, you’ll have the opportunity to not only have your say on the planning and execution of or events and projects, but also lead and take charge of your own project with all the necessary guidance and support from the team. The executives are valued as the Union’s greatest asset. Our aim is not only to expose you to greater opportunities to network with partners of leading law firms, but also to inspire, refine your soft skills and help you grow as an individual.
If you wish to step out of your comfort zone to take up challenges whilst being supported by a team of like-minded individuals – whom you’ll most probably end up calling family – the KEP is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.
Come, join us!


You must be a Malaysian law student:

(i) studying in the United Kingdom and Eire; or

(ii) studying in Malaysia under the UK Transfer Degree Programme (UKT); or

(iii) studying in Malaysia under the University of London International Programme (UOL).


  1. Fill in the application form below.
  2. Upload your CV.
  3. Check your email often as we will be contacting you for your interview appointment.
  4. Go for the interview (usually through video or voice chat).
  5. Be contacted regarding your application status.


All departments : 11.59pm (UTC+8:00), 14th September 2018


N.B: As per the recent KPUM Constitution change, KPUM members who study in Malaysian universities (ie. ‘MY-based) will only be allowed to apply for Malaysia Division positions unless expressly stated.

Contact Us

Should you have further inquiries, please contact Chloe Yip Wei Yee,  General Secretary, at