KPUM Malaysia Division Board 2018/19

Introducing our executive committee for the Malaysia Devision 2018/19.


Vice President (MY) : Sharon Gan

Secretary : Ashley Yuen

Treasurer: Pascal Choo Yung Ping

Deputy Director of Student Relations & Outreach: Rachel Tee Zi Wei

Deputy Director of Careers Development: Huey Leng Yong

Deputy Director of Skills Enhancement:  Kwan Ru En

Deputy Director of Media & Communications: Joel Bato

# ReframingCulture

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Vice President (MY Division): Sharon Gan (LL.B Year 3, University of London) 

Hui Yee (Sharon) is a motivated and ambitious Third Year Law student from Brickfields Asia College. Being a middle child in a family with 4 other siblings, she knows that she has to work hard for every of her successes. Therefore, before venturing into law school she took a gap year after high school to work full time as a conveyancing clerk in a mid-size law firm to ensure her passion in law. During her stint in the law firm, she overcame the steep learning curve and was able to handle multiple tasks and meeting deadlines. The experience molded her to be a strong person and deepened her passion in law.

She is a friendly and outgoing person who likes to mingle with people from diverse background. Sharon thinks that Class. Tutorial. Exams. Repeat. are too dull for her during her college life. She knows that joining the university’s societies and clubs are like the icing on the cake that would greatly enrich her experiences in law school. She is thankful that she has the privilege to join KPUM to further broaden her horizon in the legal environment and to expand her social networking.

She looks forward for more experiences in KPUM!

Secretary: Ashley Yuen (LL.B Year 3, Brickfields Asia College) 

“If you want your dreams to come true, don’t oversleep. Don’t forget that the light at the end of the tunnel might be turned off due to budget cuts.’’

Ashley has been involved with the outside world through part time jobs since the age of 15 because she sees it as an opportunity for social engagement and to understand the outside world while studying. Despite being a committee in KPUM and working in a law firm as a paralegal, she also has to handle her own business." 

Treasurer: Pascal Choo Yung Ping (LL.B Year 3, Brickfields Asia College) 

“Pascal is a final year law student enrolled in the UOL External Programme. Originally obliged to pursue law by her parents and reluctant to advance any further than mere textbooks and lectures.

However, after discovering KPUM and the works that they’ve accomplished, seeing how law could unite students in Malaysia, she has become inspired in pursuing this field as she is a strong believer of unity within a nation so no one gets left behind. As such, she has been keen on contributing to the society and what better way than through this medium.

Love playing games (consoles mainly) as well as spending time with the family chillin’ in a cozy café enjoying good cups of joe. Also, won’t say no to drinks! (in moderation)

‘I am who I am and I have the need to be’ - The Little Prince”

Deputy Director of Student Relations & Outreach : Rachel Tee Zi Wei (LL.B Year 2, Brickfields Asia College) 

"Rachel is a second year student (UK Transfer) at Brickfields Asia College. Having been raised outside of Malaysia, Rachel is now taking the opportunity to learn and love the intricacies of Malaysian culture and living. Joining KPUM was a way for Rachel to continue doing something she already enjoys in a more organized way: meeting new people and collaborating with like-minded individuals. She is a firm believer in avoiding complacency and always striving for more. Her peers would describe her as unnervingly organized, exceptionally tall, and exceedingly rational – not to mention verbose. In her free time, she can be found watching TV shows or taking a nap, both at any given time or place." 

Deputy Director of Careers Development: Huey Leng Yong  (LL.B ) 

"Born and raised in the humble town of Kuantan, Huey Leng always had big city dreams and would step out of her comfort zone in search of opportunities that will make her grow. A firm believer in learning through experiences, Huey Leng finds herself trying out different things outside law school, from learning latte art in a café to picking up flower arrangements in a florist.

Among her friends, Huey Leng is known as an aesthete, an enthusiast in appreciating the beauty of art as she would go lengths to make things artistic. If there is one thing that she takes very seriously other than reading law, it’s the aesthetics of her pictures.

Knowing that there’s got to be more to her, Huey Leng joins KPUM with the anticipation of crossing paths with more like-minded individuals, as well as learning more soft skills beyond what law school offers."

Deputy Director of Skills Enhancement: Kwan Ru En  (LL.B Year 3, Brickfields Asia College) 

"Ru En is a final year student under the University of London external programme in Brickfields Asia College.

Being an introvert herself, the thought of joining the union has never crossed her mind, as this requires her to take a big leap of faith in stepping out of her comfort zone.

She believes that this is an opportunity to equip herself and also to push herself beyond her limits as she embarks on this new and exciting journey."

Deputy Director of Media & Communications: Joel Bato  (LL.B Year 3, Brickfields Asia College) 

"Joel Bato is a final year law student in Brickfields Asia College, doing the University of London External Law Programme. He is of the Kenyah and Iban race from Sarawak (just in case if you’re curious)

Choosing law was a total contradiction to his introverted personality. Nonetheless, he aspires to be the voice that speaks out on behalf of those who have been silenced or oppressed, and that's really a real issue back hometown.

Joel is a big fan of people coming together to be empowered, discussing ideas in making the world a better place - and KPUM seems to be doing that. Hence, he’s pretty excited to serve in the Media team in making the union famous for its good cause."