KPUM Malaysia Division Executives 2018/19

Introducing our new executives for the Malaysian Division 2018/19

Career Development Executives:

Aina Yacob

Chew Jia Ying

Dhaartshini Senguttuvan

Melissa Tan

Human Rights & Activism Executives:

Lee Wei En

Jasmine Kuan

Media & Communications Executives:

Loo Ann Ni

Hakem Hassan

Skills Enhancement Executives:

Joseph Choo

Janice Chua

Tan Hui Yee

Student Relations & Outreach Executives:

Janice Chong

Lee Yee Hoay

Jay Ho

Corporate Relations Executives: 

Adrean Lau



Career Development Executive : Aina Yacob  (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"A conscientious lady that has a passion for music and an immense interest in human rights, volunteering, journalism, refugees and deaf culture. She also enjoys reading (her personal favourites are ‘Flowers for Algernon’ and ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’!), painting, horse riding, travelling and keeping herself updated with legal news and the current world happenings during her spare time. Besides that, her humble and invaluable volunteering experience in Cambodia had opened up her eyes and she hopes to leave her mark on the world in the minds of the people around her and to inspire others as much as she is inspired by them."

Career Development Executive : Chew Jia Ying  (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Jia Ying is a second year law student at Brickfields Asia College. She has an insatiable appetite for books and is also a firm believer that there is always room for dessert. Vince Lombardi perfectly encapsulated her personal beliefs in his famous quote that winners never quit and quitters never win. She is very grateful for the opportunity to join KPUM and is very excited to broaden her horizon. Besides looking forward to developing her soft skills while meeting like-minded individuals, it is of her hope that she will emerge from the 2018/2019 term as a better person, and, in the fullness of time, a better lawyer in the future to serve her clients with her utmost expertise and proficiency. "

Career Development Executive : Melissa Tan  (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Melissa is a second-year undergraduate from Brickfields Asia College, long-time gourmand, and a retired ballet dancer. Raised in a family of four, Melissa has a close-knit relationship with her family and enjoys spending time with them. She enjoys baking during her pastime but she only bakes cookies and brownies. As Melissa does not discriminate, she enjoys devouring chicken eggs in any shape and size. Her camera roll is her pride and joy as her food escapades are well documented. Caring, observant, approachable and practical are some words which best describe Melissa. If you ever bump into her, please do say hi as she enjoys human interaction and meeting new people!"

Human Rights & Activism Executive : Lee Wei En (LL.B Taylor's University) 

"Wei En is a leader, a volunteer, a national-level public speaking champion (Singapore) and a multi full scholarship holder of 8 years. She demonstrates keen interest in public policy, management consulting, social services and public interest litigation. 

At the mere age of 19, Wei En founded GoBantu Malaysia with a team of like-minded strangers - a social enterprise with the ambitious vision to revolutionise the volunteering scene in Malaysia by providing an end-to-end volunteer and donor management platform for NGOs. Other than focusing on the development of her own social enterprise, Wei En also contributes actively to causes relating to education and empowerment, with her most recent involvement as a Contributor and Scholarship Mentor for Project Ed (Knowledge is Free Foundation), an NGO tackling education inequality by bridging the opportunity gap for underprivileged Malaysian students to pursue tertiary education. 

With every step she takes, Wei En strives to make a difference in society through her actions and contributions."

Human Rights & Activism Executive : Jasmine Kuan (LL.B University of London) 

"Jasmine is easily recognisable in a large crowd; just look for the loudest person in the room. However, what speaks louder than her voice is her passion for the protection and preservation for human rights, hence her appointment as a Human Rights Division Executive.

She believes in change from the lowest level through her participation in human rights advocacy programmes, such as with Amnesty International and Women’s Aid Organisation. Upholding the rights of minorities and oppressed communities and equality are her guiding principles, and she hopes to share these values with Malaysian youth. Amongst other things, Jasmine is also an animal lover, music lover, and a trusting friend (she’s trusting a friend to write this).

Being a law student has been no easy feat, but her hard work and dedication to its study has pulled her through. Law, she says, will be the agent of positive change for all our futures."
Media & Communications Executive : Ann Ni Loon (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Ann Ni, a name so cliché, a person so humble. She’s patient and is willing to accept the weaknesses of others. She believes that passion is the main driving force in attaining one’s goal. She did not truly understand what passion is until her music teacher gave her a golden advice – “Music is not all about technique, neither was it all about the fingers nor memorization. But, from the heart”. Thus, doing something with and from heart defined passion. With that, she discovered the true meaning of passion. Her understanding of passion deepens when she was hit up by a conference speaker saying that, “Passion is a journey, not a destination” – it is the small little steps that matter, not the outcomes. Her passion in law and technology has fuelled her with perseverance and courage in overcoming the bumpy roads in arriving at the bright light in the seemingly never-ending tunnel. Her goal is to use her knowledge and compassion in achieving real progress for helping those in needs. She is optimistic and appreciates the value of her goal and she looks forward in attaining it. "

“The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.”

Media & Communications Executive : Hakem Hassan  (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"When you first meet Hakem, the common reaction would be “Oh wow he’s tall/big”. Whilst he is flattered that he stands out easily due to his size, he believes that this could be a curse at the same time since people are often intimidated by him. He loves writing, music and playing sports/going to the gym. Also, often seen with coffee in hand, (especially in the mornings).

He believes, by studying law, it has opened up his eyes to so many different aspects of society. Law has shown him how everything from (politics, science, economics, psychology) are all interconnected and are all different parts of the machine we all call, our society.

A by-product of a Malaysian youth who has lived in 3 countries (Libya, UK, Malaysia) who has also travelled to many more across the world. He finds that you have not really experienced life if you haven’t travelled.

He hopes that he is able to contribute to society by being able to help people to try to view issues from multiple perspectives instead of just one. After all, as the great Stephen Hawking once said, “I believe everyone should have a broad picture of how the universe operates and our place in it. It is a basic human desire. And it also puts our worries in perspective."

Skills Enhancement  Executive : Joseph Choo (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

“Joseph is a second year law student in Brickfields Asia College. His favourite place in the college is the library, so whenever he is out of your sight he is probably in the library.

He is a strong believer in the power of learning and education. Loves to get exposed to all sort of information, from the top 10 unsolved mysteries to how to service your own car to the general principles of law, he never lose his interests.

His curiosity and passion for learning had brought him to set foot in KPUM. Having paid close attention to KPUM’s activities in the past, he believes that KPUM is a platform for him to continue to learn and experience growth."

Skills Enhancement  Executive : Janice Chua (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Janice is in her final year of law school to her utter amazement. She often wonders how she managed to get this far. You can find her in the library at any time of the day, immersed in her thoughts of life and its complexities — including how Vandervell is a scam. Loves four-legged furry creatures and has a passion for fashion."

Skills Enhancement  Executive : Tan Hui Yee (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Having glossophobia doesn’t stop me from putting myself forward for the executives position, but pushes me to be more raring for challenges as challenges are only temporary obstacles where it is meant to be overcome. Always try to stay motivated by constantly engaging in activities that help me to move towards my goals. Friendly and accepting towards others but maybe sometimes may have a bit of overeagerness. Still working on becoming a better handler of own emotions."

Student Relations & Outreach Executive : Janice Chong (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Janice is currently pursuing her second year in the UK-Transfer Programme in BAC. She likes challenges, which is why she is pursuing a law degree, known to be one of the hardest degrees to excel in. Besides studying, she has involved herself in projects and camps, where she found challenging in terms of organising and planning. Janice is often described as a joy bringer and an innovator by her circle of friends. She is a food lover but the gym is also her most visited place. She loves learning new things and KPUM has provided the ideal platform for her to acquire new skills and grow."

Student Relations & Outreach Executive : Lee Yee Hoay (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

“Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream" said Hugh Hefner.

"With that quote in mind, Nekoda, a 2nd year law student believes that there is much more to law than reading legal theories in classrooms. Academics is a priority, but she became aware that as a future lawyer, direct experience which gradually hones advocacy, team working and research skills is equally as important.

Intrigued by the way the law develops according to society's ever changing social constructs, she aspires to make her own indelible impact by uniting law students from various walks of life through KPUM's projects. On a casual note, she enjoys travelling, immersing herself in the imaginative world of books, philosophy and has a great fervour for exploring diverse cultures and lifestyles to understand issues from multiple perspectives."

Student Relations & Outreach Executive : Jay Ho (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

"Jay is a man with enormous dream, always strive to achieve his goals. He is enthusiastic in his dream and passionate in b-boy. He loves to dance and fearless of performing it in front of public. As he chooses to join KPUM, he believes it’ll be a great experience for him and to expand his social circle.

He loves to exercise, interested in all kinds of sports, either badminton, table tennis or basketball. Keeping that athleticism, he loves to spread the positivity to others.

Ultimately, joining KPUM Student Outreach and Relation Department, he hopes to explore different areas and get to meet new people. Also, he loves hip-hop which renders him to have interest in street-wears."

Corporate Relations Executive : Adrean Lau (LL.B Brickfields Asia College) 

“Definitely, he’s someone who values the cultural and historical differences within the communities of Malaysia. Taking every opportunity to harmonise and unify not only the majority population but also the marginalised groups, which lies in the very blatant truth of our society. Hoping for much institutional reforms for radical transitional justice in line with our rule of law in the future.

Despite much aspirations of the developments in Malaysia, he’s a very layback person. Also, outgoing, active, friendly and, certainly, a party animal. Outdoor sports and music crave are also his favourite past time activities. So please do stop by anytime to exchange some words with him!”