KPUM UK Division Executives 2018/19

Introducing our new executives for UK Division 2018/19

Career Development Executives:

Li-Shenn Chan

Sim Shin Bei

Dheepa Mailvaganam

Bryan Bin

Zini Tan

Song Kai Ying

Corporate Relations Executives: 

Ann Lee Yee Hwee

Sushil Thiyagarajan

Jaclyn Soh

Lim Hui Yinn

Finance Executive: 

Aina Nadiah Ahmad Haniz

Media & Communications Executives:

Rachael Ng

Jonathan Khoo

Hew Hong Liang

Ray Jordan Gusting

Sean Wong Ji Kay

Secretariat Executive: 

Sim Shin Ying

Skills Enhancement Executives:

Anisha Challappan

Mendy Ong

Choo Sheau Kee

Ng Kang Thye

Student Relations & Outreach Executives:

Lee Xin Jae

Lim Jie Sheng

Goh Jing Xuan

Chan Hwa Sheng

Josiah Tea

Human Rights & Activism Executives:

Lee Yu Qian

Eu-Fern Lai

Jon Shaun Wong

Jesryna Patel

Shebanee Devadasan

Kian Leong Tan

Performance Management & Delivery Executives: 

Debra Grace Lim

Debbie Tang

Emily Chong



Career Development Executive : Shin Bei Sim  (LL.B Cardiff University) 

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

"Shin Bei believes in the power of mind, that positivity is the key to open the door to great opportunities. Being a warm and easy-going person, she finds joy in giving back to the society and enjoys the simplest pleasures in life.

By studying law, she wishes to understand how the dynamics of the society work. She is determined to learn more about her field of choice, to restore the structure of fairness and opportunity that only law can make possible.

With her willingness to learn and the desire to explore, though she is feeling slightly nervous, she is excited and ready to step out of her comfort zone to see how far she can go."


Career Development Executive :Dheepa Mailvaganam(LL.B King's College London) 

"Dheepa is a second year law student at King's. When first meeting her she may seem a bit reserved, but once you get to know her she is much friendlier than she first seems and is always willing to lend a listening ear. She loves reading, running, and talking long walks through London at 3 am on her own."


Career Development Executive : Bryan Bin (LL.B University of Warwick) 

"Bryan is a first-year student at the University of Warwick, and gets mildly annoyed when people pronounce ‘Warwick’ wrongly. He is irrationally scared of blood, and once fainted upon seeing a drop of blood ooze out his finger during a blood test.

He is generally an athletic person, although he enjoys 2 sports more than the others- handball and badminton. Bryan aspired to be the next Lee Chong Wei, but has long given up on that dream when he realized that he could not change his last name.

Intrigued by how lawyers play a pivotal role in pushing for changes in law to serve Malaysia and her people better, he hopes to one day do the same and desires to help others develop their interest in this field. In preparation to win every case he’ll every litigate in, he participates actively in debate but draws the line at Facebook arguments."


Career Development Executive : Zini Tan  (LL.B London School of Economics) 

"Hailing from Penang, Tan Zini now reads Law at LSE. Quiet yet insightful, calm yet cheerful. She looks forward to being a part of the KPUM family and getting to know everyone. "


Career Development Executive : Song Kai Ying (LL.B University of Bristol) 

"Kai Ying is a penultimate year student at the University of Bristol and is loving her life in the UK despite her homesickness. She is a foodie at heart and is always on the search for good food. She is always trying but failing to recreate Malaysian food as she misses the taste of home. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, watching Korean dramas and going to the gym. She may seem like a shy ball of awkwardness but is always keen to make new friends.

Kai Ying is always looking to improve herself both personally and professionally, and she aspires to make a positive contribution to the union by serving as one of the Careers Development Executive this year and is excited to face the challenges headfirst"


Corporate Relations Executive : Ann Lee (LL.B City University, London)

"Every individual has different experiences. Ann Lee’s experiences have shaped her to become the person she now is. She has the ambition to become an active player in the technological sphere and aims to put value into making the world better through technological advancements. She is also curious as to how it interplays with the legal sphere. As such, she is steering her path towards a direction that could help achieve her goal which is to become an Intellectual Property barrister."

Corporate Relations Executive : Jaclyn Soh (LL.B Cardiff University)

"Jaclyn is a final year law student at Cardiff University.

While embarking on a journey to be a lawyer where she enjoys indulging herself in legal corporate world’s challenges as well as championing for human rights and environmental causes, she can’t keep her entrepreneurial spirit and continues dreaming to be an entrepreneur. Recently, she came up with an idea to sell sweet corn at the Christmas Market and open Chinese dessert shop in the cities of UK.

She is impromptu but can’t live without proper planning in her daily life.

She loves chili as much as tomato.

She could be the center of attention in dinners and parties while could also be a potato staying at home enjoying herself.

She is a narcissist and a pessimist.

She is also a newbie vlogger on Youtube, her channel called Monolidtreasure."

Corporate Relations Executive : Hui Yinn Lim (LL.B London School of Economics)

"Hui Yinn's friends say that she is amiable, understanding, generous, driven and sociable.

She is also very vocal when it comes to equality matters and is never shy to voice out what she believes in. Although she strongly denies it, she's usually seen as the 'mom' figure as she naturally reaches out to care for others and makes them feel welcomed. She has a tendency to blush by doing absolutely nothing, literally. If you're a big fan on dogs and anything matcha-flavoured, she'll be your best friend. No questions asked! Additionally, if you're brave enough to fall asleep near her, she will absolutely take the opportunity to snap a picture, so be warned. Most importantly, her reliable and determined nature makes her the best candidate in handling challenging tasks, and an even better friend to lean on during tough times."

Finance Executive : Aina Nadiah (LL.B University of Bristol)

"Nadiah is reading law at the University of Bristol. An outgoing, adventurous and a dedicated penultimate year LLB undergraduate, she dreams to become a practicing lawyer but is unclear as to which field of law she is interested to pursue in. As for now, she hopes that this vision will soon become a reality, a journey she knows is not an easy one to take.

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t walk run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.”

-Martin Luther King Jr. And so she will just keep moving.

Having joined KPUM as a student representative, she is eager to undertake new responsibilities as the finance executive and sees this as going beyond her comfort zone and an opportunity to gain more insightful experience. It comes to no surprise that Nadiah is a foodie, enjoys travelling and finds the littlest joy in exploring different cultures and meeting new people. She strongly advocates personal growth, to learn and discover something new and keep negativity at bay. She may not have the friendliest face you see but she is pretty chill so don’t hesitate to come up to her and say hi!"

Media & Communication Executive : Rachael Ng (LL.B Queen's University Belfast) 

"Rachael is a third year law student at Queen's University Belfast. Those close to her would know that she enjoys spending her time buried in books, be it biographies, history or fictional tales, she believes that these commendable efforts made by authors are the keys to opening up the mind to experience new things.

She is also a firm believer that only by taking the initiative to make that step forward and accepting the challenge which was thought to be impossible will an individual grow mentally. She hopes that her strong mentality and open mind will be of use to make a change in the field of law within her home country, Malaysia"

Media & Communication Executive : Jonathan Khoo (LL.B University of Liverpool) 

"Jonathan is a 3rd Year Law Student currently studying in the University of Liverpool. If friends had to describe him, the sarcastic wit and bad puns would be a real defining feature. He's also a big video game guy loving Mass Effect and Deus Ex while holding Splinter Cell Blacklist as an underrated great. He loves his sci-fi with Star Trek, Star Wars and Power Rangers being particular highlights. He still holds that the 2007-2008 was a real golden age with all 3 of his favourite Sports teams winning their respective championships. Armed with a black belt and 2 previous editorial experiences, he feels ready to take on new responsibilities with this position and to further expand KPUM's marketing reach among his fellow law students."

Media & Communication Executive : Hew Hong Liang (LL.B Queen's University Belfast) 

"Many are perplexed by the fact that Liang goes by the name Nathan here in Belfast. Although he’s thin and small, his down to earth attitude allows him to brave the strong winds (like literally). He’s incredibly charismatic, weird and friendly once you get to know him.  

Liang is 3rd Year Law student at Queen’s University Belfast. He’s a huge fan of animations and design, and his love for anime, music and games is to no one’s real surprise. He believes that a great piece of art speaks to the soul. So don’t be surprised if you see him to jamming to his favourite tunes down the streets.

Previously serving as a journalist and a senior writer at CanLaw, a Legal Tech Consultancy based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, it served as a platform and a real training ground for Liang to acquire the necessary set of skills to be a Media Executive. Together with his enthusiasm in illustrations, his experience in CanLaw has given him a smooth transition to the post as a Media Executive in KPUM.

He hopes that his new role and with KPUM's large influence would be a great opportunity to create a long lasting positive impact to the wider student community he's a part in. He hopes to empower and encourage the people around him."

Media & Communication Executive : Ray Jordan Gusting (LL.B Northumbria University

"Ray is an aspiring law student, a photographer and an avid reader of all sorts. He is more of a listener than a speaker but one who will take the initiative when needed. He spends most of his time preparing and scheduling his time as he is a consistently punctual person. However, he also likes to unwind by engaging in social activities in the area. Highly adaptable and professional when it comes to work, he will strive his best to deliver without sacrificing the working ethics that he holds as principle.

Creative in his own ways, he is always thinking out of the box rather than the conventional method of progression."

Media & Communication Executive : Sean Wong (LL.B University of Bristol) 

"Sean is currently a second year law student, studying at the University of Bristol. Sean is an enthusiastic individual that finds joy in learning and exploring different topics from various fields of study. Sean is particularly interested in understanding the nature of human behaviour, which has lead him to study the rules and principles that govern them. Sean firmly believes that information is power, and that communication is key to creating a more harmonious and inclusive society."

Secretariat Executive : Shin Ying Sim (LL.B University of Manchester)

"Shin Ying likes to write, so she wrote for her secondary school's magazine, as the Head Writer of her college's magazine and for some writing competitions. More importantly, she likes to read but reality is outperforming fiction nowadays, so she would like to learn how to write about it. She also spends too much time watching Vox on Youtube.

Shin Ying is currently in her third year of LL.B Law at the University of Warwick." 

Skills Enhancement Executives : Anisha Challappan (LL.B University of Essex

"Anisha, 21, is currently chasing her dreams pursuing her final year in the University of Essex. Born and raised in Klang, Anisha loves meeting new people. She believes there is nothing more exciting than meeting new people, hearing their stories and be inspired. Her daily routine consist of her being sleep deprived, drinking coffee and more coffee. If she is not tied up with her books or club activities you can find her playing badminton or binge watching her favourite TV series.

The phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the bible 365 times. That's a daily reminder from God to live daily being fearless.She believes everyone should get put of their comfort zone and always be prepared to try new things and new challenges.

Being given the opportunity to hold the position of the Skills Enhancement Executive for this term, she is very much excited in working with the UK Division, to have an overview on what this term has to offer."

Skills Enhancement Executives : Mendy Ong (LL.B University of Nottingham) 

"Mendy is a second year law student at the University of Nottingham who still ponders around the question why she studies law. When she has time to escape from the enormous amount of reading, she enjoys watching dramas, looking up new places to eat and just having a good chat with friends. She believes that as long as you work hard your effort will never be overlooked. She may be shy at first but she can be a talker once you get to know her! That’s why she’s excited to meet new people from the KPUM team."

Skills Enhancement Executives : Choo Sheau Kee (LL.B University of Essex

"People always think of Sheau Kee as a cheerful and friendly person. She loves to make new friends and is learning to get comfortable with everyone she meets as she is a little shy sometimes. Apart from these, the most comments about her from her family and friends is that she is determined, straightforward and bold.

Obviously, she has flaws too. She is a quick-tempered person, which also suggests her temper comes and goes very fast. She tends to be a little careless and clumsy and is still learning to eliminate this shortcoming of hers.

One thing she is sure about herself, which is also a fact agreed upon by her fellow friends, is that she is sporty. She loves to do sports and explore new things. Although she might not be equipped with the best skills, she  always tries her best before finally give up.

Sheau Kee’s former employers or mentors had good remarks of her during her internship. She is quite ordinary, and has no impressive credentials but she will do her best to complete tasks assigned to her.  Sheau Kee always asks and seeks help when she is incapable."

Skills Enhancement Executives : Ng Kang Thye (LL.B University of East Anglia) 

“The future is now and it belongs to all young Malaysians.

Our youth is ready to lead us into this journey towards 2050.” - Khairy Jamaluddin

"Law has always been Kang Thye’s passion and he truthfully believes that young people have the capability to act now and change the country. He joined KPUM because he believes that alone he can do little but together he can do so much. As a Malaysian, he is enthusiastic in politics and he is trying to get everyone around him to get involved. A lawyer in the making, he gives his best in everything he does."

Student Relations & Outreach Executives : Lee Xin Jae (LL.B University of Kent) 

“Jae is a second year student in University of Kent. Xin Jae looks quiet but once you get to know her, she can be really talkative and noisy. Her family and friends would choose not to argue with her over anything (usually small things) because she gives tones of bullshit arguments just to win the ‘fight’.

Most people usually do not rely on her on anything or even look down on her when they first saw her because she is short and small; therefore they assume that she is still a little girl who can’t be responsible for anything. However, she is a dwarf with a broad shoulder that can carries works, responsibilities and duties.

She lives with a quote “procrastinating makes easy things hard, hard things harder”. Therefore, whenever she gets a task or if she has work, she would try her best to get it done and never leave it till the next day because she hates being stressed out and buried by piles of work."

Student Relations & Outreach Executives : Lim Jie Sheng (LL.B Queen's University Belfast) 

“If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”  That’s the life motivation of Jie Sheng, who aspires to reach out and do what he can to make a difference in the community.  Having been brought up in a suburban community, Jie Sheng fails to let his humble beginnings hinder his aspiration in bringing change. He is motivated and driven and has been continuously living up to the saying, Living not just for ourselves, but for the welfare of others as well.

Jie Sheng is currently a final year undergraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast.  As a firm believer in social justice and strong activist for human rights, he envisions that everyone across society is treated with equal concern and respect.  Ultimately, no one should be denied their universal, inalienable and indivisible rights which we each inherently possess Jie Sheng sees Malaysia with a new dawn of endless possibilities after the recent General Elections, thus he has a strong desire to be part of this ongoing nation building movement alongside many of his peers, with the ultimate hope of seeing a better Malaysia.  It is for this reason that his interest largely lies in public interest law and human rights, leading him to choose mostly unconventional modules such as Public International Law, Criminal Liability and Intellectual Property law in his final year.”

Student Relations & Outreach Executives : Goh Jing Xuan (LL.B University of Bristol)

"Goh Jing Xuan is a first-year student in University of Bristol. He stepped into law school with only human rights in mind but had since come to appreciate the complexity and diversity law has to offer. When he is not buried under textbooks and assignments, Jing Xuan spends time watching anime, playing frisbee and catching up with the political development back in Malaysia. A firm believer in the strength of numbers, he hopes to unite Malaysian students scattered across UK under a common goal: preserving Malaysia as Asia’s melting pot."

Student Relations & Outreach Executives : Josiah Tea (LL.B University of East Aglia) 

"Josiah is a second-year law student who is studying in University of East Anglia with a fervent dream of becoming the best lawyer he can become. Always with his positive thinking, he believes that nothing can vanquish his dream as the only thing that will stop him from fulfilling his dreams is himself (Tom Bradley).

His friends often won’t find him as the talking type because he prefers to let his action do all the talking. When facing with insurmountable situations, he will step out from his bubble to overcome it. At the end of the day, he believes that KPUM will be a fun and entertaining chapter in his life."


Student Relations & Outreach Executives : Chan Yi Xin (LL.B University of Manchester)

“I was the typical ‘I can’t do maths that’s why I choose law’ kind of person. That explains how I started my LLB journey in the UK. Although I wasn’t attracted to do law at first ( bearing in mind the boring legislations and thick textbooks ), I developed my passion for law during my degree when I realised how important a country’s legal system is in giving justice to those who deserve.

I am very keen in taking part in volunteering work and I always feel the satisfaction when I get to help people who are in need. KPUM is a platform which connects law students in the UK and Malaysia and I am very grateful to be able to contribute to the society as part of the big family. I am confident that I will do my best in every way I can to improve the welfare of the society and law students at large. Through KPUM, I wish to be one step closer to my dream and I hope I will gain a lot of experience, knowledge, valuable friendships and definitely fun from there!”

Human Rights & Activism Executive : Jesryna Patel (LL.B University of Oxford) 

"Jesryna is a second-year law student at Oxford University, and is determined to take the path less travelled. Passionate about human rights and her home country, she hopes to be able to one day make a lasting impact. A once sceptical creature, her world-view has recently changed as she realised the importance of public pressure in bringing about sustainable change.
When not stressing over her workload, you can find her dancing, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, hiking or making tomyum in her small but cosy kitchen!"
Human Rights & Activism Executive : Shebanee Devadasan (LL.B Durham University) 

"Because equal rights, fair play, justice, are all like the air: we all have it, or none of us has it"

- Maya Angelou

Her passion for human rights, fascination for war crimes and desire to fight inequality and injustice have inspired her to pursue a law degree since she was 11 years old. Interning with the UNHCR opened her eyes to the plights of those who are constantly denied rights due to the political subjugation, raising the age-old Orwellian question of whether some rights truly matter more than others. She hopes that the position of Human Rights and Activism Executive will allow her to raise awareness on the various human rights issues that affect us all, whilst providing a platform for students to express their opinions and ideas towards creating a future that all of us can be proud of.

Aside from human rights, Shebanee is deeply passionate about travelling, small dogs and communist memes. She chose to study at Durham University after falling inlove with the picturesque scenery and to compensate for not receiving her Hogwarts letter. She frequently dreams of Malaysian food and loves bubble tea more than most things in life.

Overall, Shebanee's desire to help others, fight for what's right and innability to do mathematics has pushed her towards pursuing a career in law. She is excited to be able to share her journey with the KPUM family and is a firm believer that we are "masters of our own fates" hence, we can help create the world we wish to see.

Human Rights & Activism Executive : Tan Kian Leong (LL.B University College London) 

"An aspiring human rights lawyer currently torn between enforcing his rigorous sleep schedule and championing fundamental issues back home, Kian Leong is a first-year law student at University College London. With a particular interest in statelessness and institutional reforms, he is quietly hopeful for the Malaysia Baru dream and looks forward to seeing a more democratic, equitable Malaysia in the years to come."

Performance Management & Delivery Executive : Debra Lim (LL.B London School of Economics)

"Currently a first year law student, Debra has an especial interest in public policy and its implementation, social justice, data usage and e-commerce, amongst other things. She looks forward to contributing to KPUM and learning as much as possible from other law students and develop her passion for law in the process. In her free time, Debra enjoys playing music, debate, volunteering and taking pretty pictures of sunsets."

Performance Management & Delivery Executive : Debbie Tang (LL.B University of Liverpool)

"Debbie is a final year law student at the University of Liverpool. She appreciates the opportunity to study abroad in UK. This huge step outside her comfort zone has exposed her to different cultures, although it could be quite overwhelming sometimes. She is a team player with a goal to achieve positive outcomes while supporting others. By being a part of KPUM, she wishes to meet new friends and develop new skills.

To keep up with her study and work, her life is often surrounded by COFFEE, with a dash of skimmed milk and nothing else. Lastly, she is grateful to have wonderful friends supporting her behind the scenes and having food adventures together!"

Performance Management & Delivery Executive : Emily Chong (LL.B Cardiff University)

"Emily is a third year law student studying at Cardiff University. She loves eating and binge watching tv shows. It has always been her dreams to study overseas and is grateful for her parents sacrifice and hard work in order to be able to study overseas. Most of the time she’s blur, known for being clumsy but still knows when to be focused and enjoys interacting with people.

She wishes to make an impact towards society and is thankful and excited for the opportunity to join the team"