Legal Academy

KPUM is providing you, an opportunity to learn and interact with leading industry experts, in the comfort of your home. Step by step, session by session, Legal Academy strive to gather the top legal minds and add values to all Malaysian students.

There’s something for everyone! We aim to provide legal insights, professional development and current/commercial awareness workshops. Whenever a certain topic is your cup of tea, feel free to join a particular session.

How does it work?

It’s simple actually, reduced to its basic form it will be a video conference with lawyers, enthusiasts etc. To embrace technology is to believe in the two-way learning process offered by our initiative, and the best part of it, is that it would a casual learning session, almost as if you were peers with the speakers!

We are ready to raise the bar for virtual platform learning, by collaborating with ELawyer Malaysia and obtaining a paid professional webinar platform, Adobe Connect to ensure highest quality of learning!

How do I join?

Most importantly, you have to sign up for an upcoming session whenever we release spaces for availability. Be prepared to join the academy and when the time comes, all you have to do, it join the video session. We will be waiting for you.

Why should you join Legal Academy?

Pretty obvious isn’t it? You get to know about the workforce before entering it, even a chance to establish good connection with potential employers and the list goes on.

List of events:

  1. Malaysia’s Legal Industry: How Can You Fit Into Different Areas of Practice