KPUM Law Students Survey


Welcome to KPUM Law Students Survey 2017. The survey serves as a platform for you to provide KPUM and our many sponsors from both the legal and non-legal industries with vital information which would allow us to tailor our events and projects according to your needs and interests. It takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes to complete the survey, and therefore, you are most welcome to participate in our survey if you are Malaysian, and you are pursuing either:
(i) a UK law degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) in the UK; or
(ii) a UK law degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) in Malaysia; or
(iii) the BPTC, the LPC or the GDL in the UK; or
(iv) the CLP in Malaysia, and that you hold a UK law degree.

Moreover, you will stand a chance to win one of our many £20 Amazon vouchers or RM30 Starbucks Cards.
To qualify for the lucky draw, please follow the instructions given after you have submitted your answers.

 Due to technical limitations, please always scroll up to the top of the page if you find yourself looking at a blank screen. DO NOT REFRESH unless you don’t mind redoing from the first question. You are warned!