KPUM Executive Committee 2018/19

Introducing our newly-elected Executive Committee for the upcoming academic year of 2018/19:


President: Nelynn Ng

Deputy President (UK): Kang Ren Lam

Vice President (Malaysia): Sharon Gan Hui Yee

Vice President (Performance and Delivery Unit): Eunice Su

General Secretary: Chloe Yip Wei Yee

Careers Development Director: Shereen Goh

Corporate Relations Director: Stanley Chong

Skills Enhancement Director: Renise Yap

Finance Director: Calysta Ho

Human Rights & Student Activism Officer: Wei Lynn Heng

Media and Communications Director: Dylan Dumpangol

Student Relations and Outreach Director: Suanne Lim


President (UK): Nelynn Ng (LL.B Year 3, Cardiff University) 

“Nelynn is a third year law student at Cardiff University. She is an outspoken individual who loves to talk about philosophical ideas with people. While she speaks of believing and doing what is right, she finds herself debating most of the time what is right. Until now, she is still realising new reasons as to why she chose law as her University degree. Maybe it was the flexibility of the course? The space to articulate my own ideas? The potential within herself as an advocate? Who knows? All she knows is that she is grateful of who she has become now.

She attributes a large part of who she is now to the two-year journey in KPUM. Starting off as a Student Representative and then being the Media & Communications Director in the Union, she experienced different leaderships, different empowering experiences and learned immeasurable life lessons along the way. Her love for the Union originates from a strong sense of belonging where she felt that the Union was a place she felt like home. She believes her peers should have an opportunity to such an experience, thus she commits herself to the Union for one more year to push for change and better empowerment of the #KPUMFamily.

She hopes that more law students who wish to empower and be empowered may join the Union in the future. This is because aside from work, she enjoys meeting different people from various backgrounds and appreciates the wonderful connections the Union has provided her with. Don’t be intimidated by her workaholic tendencies as she is very open-minded and you might just relate to at least one of her hobbies! From books to mangas, from animes to movies. Name one thing and the chances are that she'll go "Omg me too!" and that will kickstart a never-ending conversation."

Vice President (PMDU): Eunice Su (LL.B Year 2, University of Bristol)

"A penultimate year-law-student-to-be, Eunice is keen to find out what her second year of law school has to offer. She believes in horizontal leadership and wishes to bring out the best in the people she meet. During her free time, Eunice enjoys doing sports, watching sunset and thinking about random stuff. A strong believer in the power of action, she inspires to be the catalyst of change for her beloved country, Malaysia."

                                                                                                                                               Skills Enhancement Director: Renise Yap (LL.B Year 3, Queen's University Belfast) 

"A small town girl (literally, cause she grew up in Klang) living in a not so lonely world. She did not take midnight trains going anywhere (hello, it's dangerous) but she did take a flight to the UK and that was the start to her adventure.

As a Malaysian, it’s no surprise that Renise is a foodie (food is love, food is life) but she can’t cook to save her life. Renise believes that it’s in giving that one is receiving and that has encouraged her to constantly volunteer in various societies.

As one who has worked with many different people, she hopes to be able to contribute to the union and share her experiences (and meet new friends)."

                                                                                                          Careers Development Director: Shereen Goh (LL.B Year 2, London School of Economics) 

"People are often fooled by her petite size with the impression that she’s a quiet girl until they get to know her and wonder why they ever thought that way. Shereen is a very loud and chatty person, she can talk for hours and still not run out of topics. Despite believing in being a ‘strong and independent woman’, she still has a soft spot for pink and anything magical (unicorns for example!). She holds on strongly to the principle of ‘work hard, play hard’, so you can often find her on two extremes of the scale, either studying too much or playing too much.

As cliché as it might sound, what motivates Shereen to study law is equality, as she believes that every human being on Earth should be treated the same way. She hopes that one day, she will be able to make good use of the legal knowledge she has equipped herself with to help those who are less fortunate, proving those with the mindset that all lawyers are materialistic, wrong."

General Secretary: Chloe Yip (LL.B Year 3, University of Bristol) 

“Chloe Yip is a third year law student at the University of Bristol. In retrospect, she chose to study law because there was no math involved but she soon grew to appreciate the law and the avenues that stem from it.

When she’s free Chloe enjoys travelling and experiencing different countries and cultures - the fact that they make for good photo opportunities for her carefully curated instagram is an added perk of course. Good food with great company always puts a smile on Chloe’s face and she’s still trying to find good Niu Rou Mien in the UK.

Chloe would like to think she’s a fun free spirit, but still knows how to be focused and determined when need be. Having served the Union as a Media & Communications executive, she is excited to take on the challenges as KPUM’s General Secretary this year."

Director of Student Relations & Outreach: Suanne Lim (LL.B Second year, City of London University)

"Born and raised in a little town called Klang, Suanne is proud of where she is from. She is currently a second year law student at City, University of London.

Given an opportunity in being a Student Representative in the previous year, she finds her passions in law more exciting, and has enthusiastically believe that the law journey will be more challenging, whether in the Union or in life and she loves it! Suanne lives by the quote that “a goal should scares you a little, excite you a lot.” So, don’t be afraid to try out new things! As she could assure you that these few years will be the best that you will ever had. Aside from that, she also enjoys traveling, hopping coffee shops and making new friends!

She might seems a little serious, a little shy and a little awkward, but do grab a coffee with her and you will find out her curiosity, chatty and fun side!"

Deputy President: Kang Ren Lam (LL.B Year 3, University of Kent) 

“Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot” - Lord Chesterfield

"An island boy at heart, Kang Ren loves being outside of his comfort zone, trying out new things. From issues such as freedom of expression to the global technological rat-race, the only thing he loves more than watching things unfold and develop, is being part of it.

Ever since an incident occurred in his life, he strongly believes that knowledge, information and education are the most important aspects in life, and that it empowers and connects the people around him, which is why he makes it a point to discuss anything and everything with the people around him - he believes there is a stark difference between knowing something, and understanding it. He also considers himself very pun-dai, and loves entertaining people by making them laugh with his debatably bad jokes and puns.

Beyond academic interests, he enjoys training Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu, and enjoys experimenting in different sports and activities wherever he goes. He plans on trying bouldering and canoeing someday. Similarly, he holds the same mindset in making new friends, and believes that everything and everyone has a story to tell."

Corporate relations Director: Stanley Chong (LL.B Year 4, University of Edinburgh) 

"Coming from a family of different nationalities, Stanley is a firm believer and advocate of diversity. As a culturally and racially diverse nation, Malaysia is proof that liberation and unity can be achieved when there is accord among society, with the aid of good law-making and a legislature who acts for the collective interest of the nation’s people. Malaysia, and its people, have yet to witness its true potential as a burgeoning nation which endeavours to make its mark on world-stage, be it in social or economic development.

Malaysian-by-heart and mind, Stanley regards KPUM as the best platform for law students aiming to cultivate their knowledge on Malaysia’s local legal scene and yearns to one day ply their trade in the legal system of our beloved nation. Proud law student, badminton athlete, food blogger, self-taught pianist, Stanley is pleased to serve as your Corporate Relations Director and will strive to uphold the KPUM spirit of camaraderie and empowerment."


Media & Communications Director: Dylan Dumpangol (LL.B Year 2, Keele University) 

"An accomplice guilty for his search of truth, Dylan has a strong drive for the arts and philosophy believing it to be rooted in the rubrics of law and its practicality. Coming from a small town in Sabah and being absolutely fanatical about his love of his hometown, he sees a budding opportunity to utilize his skills and dedicates his current journey in life for the betterment of Malaysians and the need for development in East Malaysia. Seeing the legal scene as a solution to injustice and as a tool to do better, Dylan hopes for a Malaysia that is both harmonious and without economic divide.

With an undying love to help and volunteer, Dylan loves volunteering for community organizational projects such as Raleigh International and Rotary. In his past time, he believes there is no better place to be than being at home playing games and catching up to movies with deeper meanings that are plagues with ‘metaphors’. Also a keen olympic weightlifter, he sees this as a tool to discipline the mind and de-stress. Dylan is proud to be serving as the Media and Communications Director and will strive to uphold the KPUM core by staying true to his favourite words; “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”."