KPUM Law Reform Competition (#PRU)

What is PRU?

PRU is a legislative reform competition to offer a platform for students to translate ideas into tangible actions. It envisions Malaysian students playing a significant contributory role to a holistic legislative reform process in Malaysia.

This year, PRU 2018 will explore the theme Women’s Rights in the Workplace. Participants will also receive guidance from individuals and organisations experienced in this area prior to submitting a 2500-word law reform proposal.

Competition Details


PRU is composed of four stages:


First Round: Preliminary Submission

Participating teams of either two or three members are required to submit an 600-word preliminary law reform proposal on one of the two competition topics. Selected teams will proceed to the Workshop Phase.  

Deadline for Preliminary Submission: 2 July 2018 (Monday) 11.59pm (MYT/GMT +8)

Second Round: Workshop Phase

Selected teams are required to attend a series of online virtual training sessions conducted by renowned lawyers and/or parliamentarians. The sessions will cover an introduction to legislative reform and the competition topics.

All selected participants are required to attend a minimum of TWO workshops.

Date: TBC

Third Round: Full Submission

Selected teams are required to apply the skills and knowledge gained through the workshop and prepare a 2500-word full length legislative reform proposals complete with formal references. The proposals will be judged by renowned lawyers, lecturers, and IDEAS Malaysia. Selected entries will be shortlisted for the Final Presentation and Q&A stage.

Deadline for Full Submission: 26 July 2018 (Friday) 11.59pm (MYT/GMT +8)

Fourth Round: Final Presentation and Q&A

Finalists will present their proposals to a panel of judges and to a public audience. This will be followed by a Q&A session open to both the judges and audience. RM 800 will be awarded to the highest scoring finalist in each of the two topics in addition to the Audience Award of RM 200.

Date: 25 August 2018 (Saturday)
Time : 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Venue : Brickfields Asia College



Theme and Topic

Theme: Women’s Rights in the Workplace


(You are required to base your proposal on one out of the two topics listed below. Both your preliminary and final submissions must be based on the same topic.)


  1. The Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers – Due to their vulnerable positions, migrant domestic workers are more susceptible to abuse. In light of this statement, recommend changes to uphold their rights and addressing the public sentiment towards MDWs.


  1. Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace – Identify the relevant forms of gender-based discrimination in the workplace and to what extent has domestic legislation circumvented these issues. Thus, what are the changes you would recommend in response?

Assessment Criteria

The legislative reform proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:

The top three finalists with the highest scores will be selected based on the following weightage:



The competition is open to all Malaysian students studying in either local or international universities or colleges. Each participating team must consist of either two or three members.


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