Strategic Litigation Camp

What is the Strategic Litigation Camp?

This is a 3 days 2 nights collaboration initiative between KPUM (Kesatuan Penuntut Undang-Undang Malaysia di United Kingdom dan Eire) and MCCHR (Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights) camp aimed at equipping and empowering law students with legal knowledge in the area of international human rights law in the context of Malaysia.

The sessions will be conducted by the trainers from MCCHR through a structured and comprehensive course which are designed for young lawyers in Malaysia as well. In an effort to create a closer bond among the participants and encourage quality discussion, we limit our slots to only 20 number of participants and 5 trainers.

The camp is highly curricular based, ranging from intellectual discourses and critically assessed presentations to mock mooting sessions. Besides, to make the event feature a camp-style dynamism, certain leisure activities are also conducted as bonding sessions between participants.

The camp ultimately aims towards providing law students with substantial knowledge of human rights law and also to fill their summer break productively.


  • Open to all Malaysian Law students under UOL/UKT/BPTC/CLP programme, regardless of the year group.
  • If the number of applicants exceeded 20, then participants will be selected based on the merits.