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Moot Competition 2023

KPUM is delighted to finally announce our Moot Competition 2023 in collaboration with Shearn Delamore & Co. The link to register and more information including the moot abstract can be found in the link in our bio. Participation will be on a first come first served basis. Teams or individuals who submit their application form first shall secure a spot.

Registrations will be open until the 15th of February 11.59PM UKT (Wednesday).

Details of the competition is as follows:-


Preliminary and Quarterfinal rounds - 19th March 2023 

Platform : Zoom

Semifinal and Final rounds - 24th March 2023 

Venue: UCL (Detailed location will be released in the email following advancement of teams.)

Rules pertaining the registrations will include:

1. Registrants to be Undergraduate Malaysian Students of a law degree studying the UK law.

2. Registrants are open for Mooters with no prior mooting competition experience.

3. Registrants are to register in teams of 2 (consisting of 2 Mooters).

4. Individual registrations are allowed and will be randomly paired with others individual applicants.

*Internship opportunities for the winning team will be awarded so register quick!

You can find the Moot Problem below:

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