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Calling all students who are passionate about human rights - the ASASI internship Program is back!

Interested in public interest litigation at a renowned law firm? Keen on combining your knack for research with your passion for social justice? Or are you more of a public policy person? No matter which your preference is, the ASASI Internship Program 2020 has something for you! Choose from a list of 9 partner firms and civil societies, each specialising in their own fields of expertise and social issues. Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience as you work alongside human rights activists in Malaysia, beyond the confines of your law degree.

The following Partners will participate in the ASASI Internship programme:





5. Empower

6. C4 Institute

7. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

8. Tan Law Practice

9. Amnesty International

KPUM and ASASI remain committed to not only the professional development of our members and applicants, but also your health and safety. As such, we will continue to monitor any future developments and will continue to update you on any changes in the ASASI Internship programme. If you have already submitted your application and have selected any of the withdrawing Partners as your #1 choice, we will consider your #2 choice your first choice.

ASASI Internship Application Deadline Extension


Due to the circumstances and events of the past week, ASASI has decided to extend the application deadline for the ASASI Internship Programme to Friday, 27th of March 2020, 11.59pm GMT. We understand that many members and prospective applicants may have had to make sudden last minute plans and arrangements such as moving out of student housing, ending leases early, packing up, and flying home to Malaysia from the UK.


ASASI also acknowledges that the past week may have been an anxiety-inducing time for many. As such we hope that this extension will accommodate prospective applicants who may have had difficulties completing and submitting their applications by the original deadline.


If you have any further questions please feel free to message us on Facebook.

How to apply

To apply, complete the application form. Preliminary assessments of all applications are done  based on the quality of essays submitted along the application forms. There will be one to two rounds of interviews, one done by KPUM and the other by the participating organisations should they request an additional interview.


While KPUM strives to allocate organisations according to the applicants’ preferences (and vice versa), we regret that this unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. However, we assure our applicants that an internship with any of our Partners will give you an invaluable opportunity to work on the front lines of human rights law and activism in Malaysia.


Please note that most participating organisations require a two-month commitment from their interns. Participants should acknowledge that failure to honour their commitments to this internship without providing an adequate reason may lead to them being blacklisted from any and all future KPUM internships, events, and initiatives. 


Who can apply

Applications are open to all Malaysian law students.


Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to intern with human rights organisations! 









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