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Updated Partner List

In light of recent events, KPUM regretfully announces that the following Partner has chosen to take a step back from our programmes due to the covid-19 outbreak. We will only receive confirmation of their participation after April.

1) Digi-X

Apart from this organisation, all other organisations have confirmed their participation in our programmes.

We remain committed to not only the professional development of our members and applicants, but also your health and safety. As such, we will continue to monitor any future developments and will continue to update you on any changes in our flagship internship programmes.

Once again, KPUM apologises for the inconvenience and confusion caused. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us through our social media platforms.


KPUM proudly presents Beyond the Bar—an internship programme designed to help law students gain work experience in Malaysia by providing a platform for KPUM members to secure internships in Malaysia. It is hoped that, through this programme, students will get to explore potential career pathways and build meaningful relationships. 

Beyond The Bar

This two-month programme is designed to introduce law students to non-legal industries. It is a great opportunity for law students to widen their experience and skill sets if they wish to join a different industry. This programme allows participants to work in a variety of non-legal settings including accounting firms, banks, media and publishing companies and non-governmental organisations.

Confirmed participating organisations as of 03/04/2020 are:

  • ASLI

  • Axiata

  • Capital Bay


  • PwC

  • Talentcorp

  • Teach For Malaysia

How to apply

To apply, complete the application form** and submit it along with an updated CV. Please save the application link in case you wish to make future amendments such as changing your preference order of firms. 

All applications will undergo a basic screening done by KPUM followed by a thorough assessment from the participating law firms. While KPUM strives to allocate firms according to the applicants’ preferences (and vice versa), we regret that this unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. 

While applicants are allowed to apply to both programmes (30 Days of Summer and Beyond the Bar), please note that most participating organisations require a two-month commitment from their interns. This would therefore prevent members from participating in both internship programmes should there be a clash of dates. 

Participants should acknowledge that failure to honour their commitments to this internship without providing an adequate reason may lead to them being blacklisted from any and all future KPUM internships, events, and initiatives. 


​​Additional information

The programme is open to all Malaysian law students.

There will also be a series of side events held throughout the duration of the internship programmes. These events aim to help KPUM members gain soft skills for their future careers so stay tuned for future announcements.



28th February 2020


July 2020 to September 2020





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