On 11th of January 2020, KPUM held a workshop on Intellectual Property in collaboration with Messrs. Ng, Arlene Tan & Leong. 


KPUM is delighted to have Dr. Leong Jin Hoong and Mr. Koh Wei Jie, both from Messrs. Ng, Arlene Tan & Leong, to share with us invaluable knowledge and experience on the practice of intellectual property.  The workshop featured an overview of the various forms of intellectual property presented by Mr. Koh Wei Jie, followed by an in-depth discussion on the distinctive character of a patent. There was also a Q&A session during which both Dr. Leong and Mr. Koh helped to answer queries and quell curiosities from the participants. 


KPUM would like to express gratitude towards Messrs. Ng, Arlene Tan & Leong, in particular Dr. Leong Jin Hoong and Mr. Koh Wei Jie, for dedicating their time. We also like to thank each and every participant for making this workshop a great success. 

Brickfields Asia College, PJ Campus

11th January 2020

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