At KPUM we pride ourselves as the organisation which unites all Malaysian students studying English law, be it in Malaysia or in the United Kingdom. Yet due to the sheer number of members, it is not possible to keep a connection to them without our Student Representatives who study at your universities. 


Every year, KPUM recruits members from various universities to join us as Student Representatives through the Student Representative Programme. The programme is designed to give Student Representatives an insight into KPUM’s operations as a Union in light of its missions—uniting law students, empowering future lawyers and upholding the rule of law. As a Student Representative, you will get to see how the individual departments serve KPUM’s missions individually and collectively. You will gain first-hand information on KPUM’s programmes and events, or even play a part in planning and organising them. Most importantly, those who are successfully recruited as Student Representatives will represent KPUM at your university and keep us connected to student members. 


The Student Representative Programme is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, a Student Representative bridges the Union with its members. The Student Representative speaks for members at his/her university and ensures that their needs are cared for by the Union. At KPUM, we care about our members regardless of the institution at which they are studying. We believe that this is best expressed through the Student Representatives who voice the needs of our members at different universities. Secondly, a Student Representative is KPUM’s ambassador at his/her university. He/she has first-hand knowledge about the programmes and events held by KPUM and shares about them throughout the year with the members at his/her university. Thirdly, a Student Representative is not assigned to a particular department upon his/her appointment but is given the opportunity to look at the insights of each department and the Union as a whole. In short, the Student Representative Programme offers more flexibility if you are keen on widening your portfolio and is more suitable if you wish to broaden your network.


To apply, you must be a current member of KPUM, be it in Malaysia or in the UK. You are automatically granted membership if you are:

  • a Malaysian student reading law at a UK Universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level, including the BPTC, LPC, and law conversion courses; or

  • a Malaysian student reading law under a UK Transfer Programme or a UK Degree Programme; or

  • a Malaysian student pursuing the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) provided that you previously qualified for membership by having studied law at a UK Universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level.


The application process consists of a simple application form and a short interview. Applicants are assessed based on merit alone, including communication skills and critical thinking capabilities. 


UK & Malaysia


16th December 2019 to 28th December 2019

Uniting law students

Empowering future lawyers

Upholding the rule of law


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