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Our annual Law Career Convention may not be taking place this year, but fret not - we haven’t forgotten about you! Our Pupillage CV Drive is back for all CLP and BPTC students, featuring 4 of our partner firms - Shearn Delamore & Co, Raja, Darryl & Loh, Tay & Partners, and Thomas Philip.

Get a head start and stand out to law firms and potential employers now by submitting your CV!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to submit their CVs?

A: The CV drive is open to finalists completing their CLP or BPTC this academic year (2020). This also includes non-CLP students (from Malaysian public universities) who have completed their degree.


Q: Why submit your CV to us?

A: By submitting once and filling up this simple form, you will automatically be applying for a pupillage interview with all four of our participating firms.


Q: What criteria/procedure will be used to vet my CV?

A: There is no standardised criteria/procedure, as different firms will have their own policy regarding the interview period and pupillage intakes. KPUM does not play any part in the sifting and screening process.


Q: What happens next?

A: By submitting your CV, you will be participating in KPUM’s Pupillage CV Drive. Your CV will then be sent to our participating law firms for screening and our participating firms will contact successful applicants directly for a pupillage interview.


Q: What is KPUM’s role in this programme?

A: KPUM intends to act as a middle party for applicants and participating firms. We will not be directly handling your submissions; all submissions will only be stored by KPUM temporarily before being sent to our participating firms. 


Q: Can KPUM help me negotiate with these firms in order to obtain an interview?

A: KPUM does not play any role other than storing submissions and sending them to our participating firms. It is your responsibility to engage the firms directly regardless of how many offers you have received.


Q: What happens if I’ve already submitted my CV, but I’ve noticed an error/wish to submit an updated version?

A: Resubmit your form with the exact same details in your original submission. KPUM will automatically select your latest submission, provided you submit it before the closing date of 7 July 2020


Q: How long will my CV be kept by KPUM?

A: All information will be deleted in August upon handing over to the incoming KPUM Executive Committee unless otherwise requested by a participating law firm where interview applications have yet to be processed, whereupon the CVs shall be retained for processing until 1 October 2020 latest.

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