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director programme

What is the Shadow Director Programme?

To allow potential nominees for election to have some exposure to the work in the relevant department, to ask any questions or to have a more direct conversation with the incumbent director. Please refer to the additional rules for the scope of what is expected from Director/Deputy Director(s).

Why the Shadow Director Programme?

To ensure that regardless of the final pool of nominees at election, the handover process is smoother and more efficient, virtual or otherwise. It also allows for the nominees who have taken part in the mentoring programme to think more practically about what they would like to bring to KPUM in their year.

How does the Shadow Director Programme work?

Each director is limited to 2 mentees. All applications will be made through the application form below, and will require a CV and short paragraphs to 2 questions. The President's Office will be overseeing the whole process, and will be in charge of screening the candidates. Directors will have discretion to input their opinions on candidates.

Who can join the Shadow Director Programme?

All current and prospective members of KPUM are eligible to apply. This includes Malaysian students reading UK law in the UK, Ireland and Malaysia.

When can you join the Shadow Director Programme?

Programme Launch Date: 1st July - 16th July

Notification of successful applicants: (week of) 17th July

Programme Duration - 3 working weeks: 26th July - 13th August

Positions up for grabs 

Shadow President

Shadow Deputy President

Shadow General Secretary

Shadow Corporate Relations & Outreach Director

Shadow Careers Development Director

Shadow Skills Enhancement Director

Shadow Media & Communications Director

Shadow Finance Director

Shadow Human Rights & Activism Officer (ASASI)

Shadow Vice President

Shadow Secretary

Shadow Corporate Relations & Outreach Deputy Director

Shadow Careers Development Deputy Director

Shadow Skills Enhancement Deputy Director

Shadow Media & Communications Deputy Director

Shadow Treasurer

Shadow Human Rights & Activism Deputy Officer (ASASI)

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