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Virtual Internship Programme 2022

22 August - 2 September

We are pleased to announce that Shearn Delamore & Co. will be partnering with KPUM for a return of the 2-week virtual internship programme taking place this summer.                           

As part of the programme, interns will be able to hone their legal skills through various sessions with the firm's lawyers, and experience the working culture of Shearn Delamore - while working from home.                                                                              

The firm is looking forward to take on 50-60 successful applicants via applications through KPUM.                                       

NOTE: The 2-week virtual internship with Shearn Delamore & Co. is a separate internship programme from the 30 Days of Summer internship programme.                                                        

*The virtual internship is subject to any changes of format closer to the date in the light of pandemic or post pandemic considerations, as the context may permit/require, and the laws/regulations/SOP applicable at that time.                                  

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