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The functions and activities of the Union are structured into 7 key departments. Each department focuses on a core role and responsibility that is fundamental to the Union. The core functions of these departments are outlined as below.

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Presidential Office (PO)

  • Oversees the Union's activities as a whole and sets the direction for the rest of the term.

  • Takes care of the working committee's welfare on a macro level.

  • Ensures that all committee members are involved in the facilitation of event planning and their executions.

  • Handles all documentation of the Union's activities.

  • In charge of organising the Union's Annual General Meeting.

  • Authoring the Union's Annual Report at the end of the term.

Finance Department (FD)

  • Acts as the guardian of the Union's bank account which controls the outflow of finances.

  • Ensures that the Union's bank account has a healthy balance for the next committee.

  • Makes travel reimbursements, sets the optimal discount rates for travel reimbursements for the year and generates invoices to sponsors.

Corporate Relations & Outreach (CRO)

  • In charge of leading and overseeing all affiliations to ensure messages of the Union's initiatives are successfully delivered.

  • Establishes partnership with societies, firms and organisations.

  • Sets up appointments with potential sponsors for negotiations and draft official agreements if negotiations are successful.

  • ​Organises Lawatan Edisi Malaysia yearly to expose students to out-of-class learning during their visits to some of Malaysia's most prestigious workplaces.

Media & Communications (M&C)

  • Handles the day-to-day management of the Union's social media accounts and website.

  • Devises and executes publicity strategies for the Union's events and initiatives.

  • Develop, design and create promotional materials as well as ensuring the quality and coherence of visual messaging.

  • Works closely with all departments within the Union on their respective projects in order to ensure that promotional objectives are aligned and met.

Careers Development (CDD)

  • Bridges the gap between aspiring law students and Malaysian law firms and corporations.

  • Organises events related to career progression and development of students. This includes the Law Career Convention, firm tours, legal workshops with renowned lawyers and legal recruiters in the legal industry as well as the internship programmes.

  • Works directly with law firms to facilitate KPUM's events and initiatives.

Skills Enhancement (SED)

  • Responsible for introducing initiatives which help students develop skills which employers deem valuable in the current market.

  • The projects led by the Department includes the Legal Academy, Mooting Workshop, Mooting Competition and so on.

Human Rights & Activism (ASASI)

  • Acts as the human rights and student activism wing of the Union.

  • Manages and facilitates initiatives that promotes the rule of law and the protection of human rights.

  • ASASI's projects can be categorised as such: the ASASI Internship Programme, ASASI Events & Campaigns, ASASIkini and Official Statements.

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